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RF1 TripWire.Net Team Management for ResponseForce1 Corp
WWW.RF1TripWire.NET is a private, secure social network environment, specifically for use in the Emergency Management space. Membership is by Invitation Only and requires a final approval by Site Administrators.

WWW.RF1TripWire.NET is designed to be a space wherein Members can have a private forum for communicating with each other and allows the formation of Teams.

Permissions are assigned to each Member, based on a comprehensive, flexible set of parameters, controlled by the Site Admin. This allows groups of Members to be assigned to Teams (or User Groups), based on a specific set of criteria. Once assigned to a Team, those Members are only allowed to communicate with other members of their team. This provides for privacy, based on the needs of the mission of their specific Team.

The site includes the ability to do mass messaging to groups of users, defined by the permissions of the person executing the message – either the entire population of the site, or specific Teams or user groups. Messages can be either in the form of broadcast “newsletter,” internal site mail, emails or SMS.

The site allows for sharing of photos, videos and documents (any format), the visibility of which is controlled by the permissions assigned to the user group. This allows for controlled visibility of information related to the mission of a specific team, while also allowing “open access” to items shared for the benefit of the entire site population.

Within the site, there is the capability to establish another layer of private, invitation-only content, in the form of “PAGES.” Each Page is, for all intents, a “site-within-a-site,” specific to an incident, a team, a group or virtually any other designated use. Pages include private versions of every feature of the Main Site.

Associated with WWW.RF1TripWire.NET are both iOS and Android Mobile Apps. These are available from the iTunes Store and Google Play. They allow full interaction with the features of the site.

WWW.RF1TripWire.NET is based on phpFox. There are numerous developers who have created modules and plugins, and the support from the phpFox Team is outstanding.

WWW.RF1TripWire.NET is currently hosted by Arvixe in a secure data center.