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Terms of Service (TOS)

ResponseForce1’s Mission in launching the site is to create a thriving, productive environment that encourages an atmosphere of community, respect, collaboration, and growth for anyone involved with Emergency Management.

The Administrators, Moderators and Board of Directors have created the following Terms of Service agreement that governs members' participation and practices within As a member/user of, it is your responsibility to know, and adhere to the Terms of Service.

Member/UserNames/IDs: We ask that your username be one that does not contain profanity, obscene language or any member name calling, we will delete those accounts and ask you to choose another username.

Member/Accounts: One account is allowed per person. In the event a member requests their account/membership to be deleted, has the right to maintain certain information throughout the site such as areas that are considered community participation, purchasing information, forum posts, blog posts on other members' blogs, photo gallery comments, etc. Members will have their homepage content, and personal blog removed.

Inactive Accounts - Accounts are considered Inactive when the member has not logged in for a period of 12 months. will periodically identify all Inactive Accounts and will delete the information associated with those accounts.

Accounts that are deemed to be created for the sole purpose of advertising or spamming WILL be deleted without warning or notification at the discretion of

Member/User Conduct: Members and users are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is constructive and respectful of others at all times. Additionally, we would hope that each member/user would do their best to facilitate a culture of collaboration and positive reinforcement, so that we can all share our passion for Emergency Management, while realizing our personal ambitions, and developing friendships.

Blogs: Blogs are provided with the intention of being a place to talk about what is happening in your life, business, the industry, etc. Please remember that the Terms of Service also applies to blog material and comments on blogs.

Members/Users will not use this community for:

Any practices that affect the normal operations of the community (Admins will take whatever steps are necessary to restore service).

Transmitting any libelous, defamatory, or any other material that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under the law.

Personal attacks. This includes but is not limited to, destructive, abusive, defamatory communications in any form, and retaliatory attacks from personal attacks. If you need assistance, please communicate with someone from our Team.

Destructive commentary/communications made with the intent to disrupt or attack (Trolling). This applies to any communications within this community, whether in the forums, wall posts, chat, blogs or Site Mail.

Advertising or linking to any publications and/or web sites that are age restricted due to content and/or pornographic in nature.

Members/Users found practicing these behaviors receive:
Deletion of the post(s).
First event - warning by email and/or Site Mail.
Second event - Temporary Community ban for 7 days
Third event - Membership revoked, and access to the community permanently blocked. This includes any duplicate accounts for the same person. considers this information private and confidential. However, there may be certain situations that necessitate otherwise. Any post, image or writings can be removed at the discretion of staff if it is deemed unsuitable for this community. reserves the right to revoke any Membership at any time.

Conduct - Zero Tolerance: maintains a Zero Tolerance on certain behaviors within the community. These include, but are not limited to the following:

Any threats of physical harm, property damage or acts of violence toward another individual, or group of individuals.

Soliciting or Trading of any products illegally.

Intentional practices that affect the normal operations of the community (Admins will take whatever steps are necessary to restore service).

Members/Users found practicing these behaviors will immediately have their membership revoked, and access from any and all accounts, including duplicate accounts for the same person will be permanently blocked from the community. considers this information private and confidential. However, there may be certain situations that necessitate otherwise. The proper legal authorities will be contacted, and if appropriate, charges may be filed.

Communications: provides a variety of communication services to members. These include: forums, chat, site mail, homepages, blogs, and ability to email members. Any information provided by members using these services is considered public information and may be logged. will not be held responsible and/or liable for information that members choose to share via these services. We strongly recommend that members exercise forethought and caution prior to disclosing any personal information while using these services.

Spamming members via any of these devices is prohibited. Products or services promoted anywhere on the site or links to such, including but not limited to forums, homepages, site mail, blogs or signature sections of member forum options, may be deleted at the discretion of with no warning or notification.

By visiting the website, you agree that the laws of the State of New Hampshire, without regard to principles of conflicts of laws, will govern the Terms of Service and a dispute of any type that may arise between you and in connection with your use of the website. In addition, you agree that any legal action that may arise between you and in connection with your use of the website shall be brought exclusively in the Superior Court for Rockingham County, New Hampshire or the United States District Court in Concord, New Hampshire, to which you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue thereof. You further agree that in the event litigation ensues over the Terms of Service and your use of the website, the prevailing party in any such litigation shall be entitled to recover all costs and expenses, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney's fees, court costs and attendant expenses, from the non-prevailing party.

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** reserves the right to change, alter or modify the Terms of Service as needed. All postings, past and present are subject to the most current terms of service.**